Shining The Torch On Values

World Values Day is celebrated on 15th October. This year the topic of values has an enhanced significance. For once, the world is more polarised than ever before. The unrelenting march of technology on the one hand and the pandemic on the other only exacerbates that polarisation. Against this backdrop, a sustainable, fair, equitable culture is one that is predicated on mutual trust, co-operation, collaboration, sharing and such else. The more we engage on these elements and talk to each other, it becomes obvious that we are shining the torch on values.

Values and values based work needs a extended levels of attention and focus for they help in change. Irrespective of the size of the organisation or community, values help draw connections between whats working and whats not. Greater the alignment at the core of values, higher the chance of alignment at action. Chipping away at changing behaviour without shining the torch on values is an incomplete exercise.

On 15th October, 2020, come join a conversation on values anchored by Stephen Berkeley. Peter Wiltshire, one of the panelists is here setting context.

Other panelists include Dr. Neil Hawkes and Ms. Mary Gentile

It sure promises to be a very interesting conversation in an important time. Would be wonderful to have you amidst us. Please do join in. Register here .

By the way, shining the torch on values is a collective responsibility. Doing so enables us to think clearly, make better choices and build good culture. Embedding values is not something that organisations can workshop their way through. Its a fulfilling yet arduous journey. Its a journey that many times begins with a conversation. Which is one more reason for you to consider joining this one.

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