Working With Values: In Conversation With Stela Lupushor

Hi, I am Stephen Berkely, Director of Global Business at Flyntrok and a values practitioner. Join me in this conversation with Stela Luposhor about working with values.

About Stela

Stela is the founder of Reframe.Work Inc., a consulting firm advising clients on how to innovate and develop a workforce strategy that creates a resilient, inclusive, and accessible workplace through the use of technology, human-centered design, and future thinking.

She is also the Program Director, Strategic Workforce Planning and Talent Management Councils as well as the Human Capital Analytics Institute Senior Fellow shaping the research agenda of the Conference Board—a member-driven think tank that produces economic indicators (such as Consumer Confidence IndexTM) and research, organizes conferences, and brings together peer networks.

Stela is also the founder of amaz- Ing. Community, a non-profit organization extending the work horizon for women, empowering them to thrive in the workplace of the future. Most recently, Stela led the people analytics functions at Fidelity Investments and TIAA, where she developed analytics capabilities and enabled data-driven workforce decision making.

Previously, Stela led the HR Strategy and Social Analytics function at IBM where she built their “future of work” strategy. She brought to these initiatives her consulting experience from Price Waterhouse, PwC Consulting, and IBM Global Business Services. Stela is the co-founder of the Strategic HR Analytics Meet-up, bringing together over 2,500 members in the NYC area to shape community thinking around people analytics. She has been recognized as one of the Top 100 HR Influencers, Top 40 Global Influencers in HR Tech, and was the judge for MIT’s Inclusive Innovation Challenge and MIT Solve (marketplace for social impact and social entrepreneurship, connecting startups with the funding and resources to solve global challenges).

What stays with me from our conversation?

Here are some highlights from our conversation that has stayed with me. Please click on the link below to listen to the entire conversation.

  • Stela’s model of working with values includes looking holistically at the end to end value creation chain within an organisation and the stakeholders involved or impacted in that chain.
  • There is no start and end of the relationship from an employment perspective. It is just a continuous cycle and it begins way before the worker decides to come and work for the organisation.
  • We don’t think about the worker journey end to end and life cycle. And not just think about what it is like to be while you work at an organisation. Also what happens before you join and your impression about the company and your decision whether you want to come and work there. As well as what happens when you leave and after you leave. Because all of those are part of the same story and circle.
  • Organisations need to keep their eye on the future values needs of their stakeholders by developing a listening strategy to tap into the collective intelligence of the workforce and the sentiments around certain issues. People on the ground need to be empowered to act on the sentiments that they are hearing to better meet the value needs of stakeholders

Further Reading/Resources
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  • “Humans at Work: The Art and Practice of Creating the Hybrid Workplace”
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