We help rethink, retool and reskill for relevance.

Flyntrok The Firm

Flyntrok ( Pronounced ‘flínt rok’ ) is a take on Flint Rock. The rock that housed the ‘flint’ that early humans used to light a fire. Early humans discovered flint and then worked the flint to light up a fire.

We are a Human Centric Change firm, focused on creating change that sticks. We help you reimagine work, learning, culture and change. We best operate at the intersection of people, culture and technology.

Our story is one that is rooted in experience and knowledge. The work that has kept us company, has left us with the accolades and the scars on occasion, that lend themselves well to several stories we can share.

Our Beliefs

Core beliefs, tent poles that we have pitched our work on, has come from our experiences over the years, reading and deep conversations. We think its important to lay them out as they enhance understanding about our approach and actions. They help in people choosing to work with us. And importantly, choosing otherwise too.

Here they are. They keep evolving over the years. They have become richer and fuller. The ones below have stayed. We remain committed to keep working on them. And in the spirit of perpetual beta, we will keep these updated!


Change is human


Work & context are central to change


Change is messy


Conversation is key


Change happens all the time
and it takes a long time


Iterations and experiments
lead to progress


Co-creation is powerful

How do we work?

Our work in conversational, iterative and simple. We work hard at the back end to keep the front end jargon free and free-flowing.

It often is a a simple conversation. Sometimes an intense mental workout. At other times it is an exploration of a problem area in a workshop mode. Large groups of three hundred people or a small group of two. Or just working with the CEO.

We do not have a pre-decided template to apply. Context and work dictates what we do.

We are a group of qualified and experienced professionals who bring years of experience and hard knocks to the table. We borrow from our knowledge, experience and passion for organisational development, Agile methodologies, Design Thinking, Executive Coaching, Appreciative Inquiry, Process Facilitation and the like.

Workouts, workshops, large group processes, small group chats, individual conversations are all par for course. While having learnt and applied a variety of skills and processes, we are tool light. We bring to the fore only that will make a difference to the context of the business and outcomes sought.

Our obsession is with ‘deep simplicity’ and keep our work jargon free. The challenge we pose to ourselves is how simple and ‘in the flow of work’ the design of our work is, to all stakeholders. We seek to keep it as natural as it suits the challenge and the people involved.

Why should you consider us?

Our diverse team draws from a variety of real experiences in diverse sectors. The team is connected by shared beliefs and a clear belief in the importance of the ‘human element’ in change. We have been part of several change experiments that were slickly made and did not stick for the reason that it was devoid of the human element.

Your work and your context are key to our approach. While we base our work on proven frameworks, these are at the background. Jargon free conversations that will get the team to moving forward towards the goals often is energising for all.

The iterative and experimentative nature of our approach gets a sense of ‘play’. The change effort thus is not a boring thing thats ‘done to’ you. It is actively co-created by all.

Unearthing talent and leadership development is an important corrolary benefits of our work. We work with you, while you work on the change. The change and the knowledge of the change thus stays with you long after we are gone. Plust you have new champions for the change.

Whats the
best fit for
your work?

If you are looking for someone to deliver a workshop on change management or design thinking or agile methodologies etc, we are not the right people for the same. We are not trainers nor are we consultants who will walk in with a formula and apply them to your context. We have a huge respect for them and count on several of them for our friends. We can point you in their direction.

If you are looking for a firm who will help you make a definitive change with you being fully involved in the change process too, thats a good start.

If you choose not to have a quick fix solution to a symptom, but want to go deeper to uncover what else lies beyond the obvious and are interested in comitting the time towards it, thats even better.

If you have believe that whatever change that you desire needs to be widely adopted and stick.