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GPT3 racecar of the mind
GPT3 – Racecar of the mind?
GPT3 by OpenAI is the latest natural language processing released recently. Read more about the possibilities of GPT3
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Agile OwL
Change that sticks: 3M and Agile
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When 3M hit the Elon Musk wall, it learnt a few things. One of them was how an Agile mindset could help their already innovative ways of working, get faster and make success stick for longer.
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Agile Is Not Rocket Science
SpaceX is demonstrating agility in its ways of working. What does the human experiences in this agile workplace look like? Stories of Agile Transformation from a human centric lens on SpaceX.
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EU frames guidelines on ethics in AI
Ethics and AI
Humans have long been a curious and exploratory species. New knowledge has enabled people to create and improve on existing things. Many scientific endeavours have been made possible by incrementally improving on an invention. Leveraging each emerging know how to...
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