Working With Values: In Conversation With Vivek Patwardhan

Welcome to this conversation with Mr. Vivek Patwardhan and me on Working With Values. Vivek and I delve into how we can help people live their values and deal with value dilemmas. I hope you find this conversation as interesting and thought provoking as I did.

About Vivek

Vivek is an experienced HR and IR professional, OD Consultant and Executive Coach. He is the Former Vice President-HR, Asian Paints and its group companies including its international subsidiaries in 20 countries. In this role he helped create a work culture of coaching and development. He actively participated in promoting organisational values and particularly in the organisations acquired by Asian Paints after the year 2000. Vivek was appointed as ‘TISCO Chair Professor of Industrial Relations’ by Tata Institute of Social Sciences in 2006.

What stays with me from our conversation?

Here are some highlights from our conversation that has stayed with me. Please click on the link below to listen to the entire conversation.

  • Values means people knowing not only what you stand for and what you do not stand for.
  • Openness and conversations are the key levers for values to be transmitted and lived. Not just conversations, ones which help them explore dilemmas in values are key.
  • Critical events , when your values are tested to the hilt, are opportunities to understand and explore your values. There are conflicts at every stage of business. Conflicts show you how two people are holding different set of values. They are opportunities to talk.
  • A story of values definition and socialisation that he shared, stays with me. Vivek followed a three step process that sensitised people to how values were translated into practice. This included involving people in:
    • Defining the values. This helped develop a shared understanding of the values
    • Three to five indicators for each value
    • Three to five contra-indicators for each value. For example for Respect – back biting, not keeping your word etc

Here is a link to listen to the entire conversation, as part of the Working with Values series.

Working With Values Series

At Flyntrok we believe there are many ways to work with values. One that we hold close, is working with values through conversations and stories. We created the Working With Values series to provide a platform where some of the best minds from across the globe can share and build on each other’s perspectives of working with values. This series includes conversations, webinars, short and long AV posts.

I hope you enjoyed my conversation with Mr. Vivek Patwardhan, on Working with Values and could takeaway a few ideas to apply in your lives. Thank you for joining us.

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