Hybrid Work Is The New Perk Companies Are Offering

Hybrid Work

What is new in the world this week, in the evolving space of #HybridWork? Companies are offering Hybrid work as a perk for employees. Interesting results from the future of work report from Capgemini on the hybrid working impact on diversity, digital upskilling, different employee group needs. Read all this and more in this edition of the OWL Sightings on Hybrid Work.

Hybrid Work OWL
Hybrid Work OWL
Points of view on hybrid working

Richard Lobo, Head HR for Infosys Ltd shares his POV on the evolving future of work. It has some interesting lenses of hybrid work, flex workforce, and business beyond business. Read more here.

Capgemini has released their second Future of Work starts now report. It has interesting point of views from digital upskilling , to employee wellbeing and job automation from industry experts. Read more here

Resources for new ways of working

In the resource section this edition, we offer 7 critical questions to ask before adopting hybrid from Gallup. These questions will help business leaders think through their hybrid adoption reasons and approach. Good starting point. Access it here.

Research on hybrid ways of working

Mercer has released a survey on Hybrid work trends , with 70% companies saying they will adopt a hybrid work model. While they say 97% are planning to make changes in work policies , less than half are actually working on creating these policies. Access the survey and research here.

News on hybrid work from around the world

ISIO is a pension consultancy firm which said they were beginning trials of different hybrid work models, across their eight offices before they frame a policy. This promises to be interesting. Read the news here.

DHG a Top 20 Accounting firm announced their adoption of Hybrid Work through the policy ‘DHG Anywhere’. It is based on one of their principles ‘Freedom within a framework’. Read the announcement here.

Cooley a silicon valley law firm makes it optional for workers to return to offices, adopting hybrid working for the long term. Read more.

Absolute, a digital marketing agency with 600 employees announced hybrid working and work from anywhere as their new employee perks. Read more.

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