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Hybrid Work

New ways of work are emerging all around us. Companies are emerging from remote work and finding they have to adopt HYBRID ways of working. Not always knowing how and what it will take to make it work. Our work involves working with clients and leaders having similar dilemmas. To help navigate this phase, every week we will track the latest news, research , resources and point of views on the changing nature of work and workplace. 

OWL Sightings on Hybrid Work
Points of view on hybrid working

Harvard Business review sounds a voice of advice for all companies adopting Hybrid work. Read more here

“To encourage coordination, companies should also make sure that teams that often work together have at least two days of overlap in the office”

Harvard Business Review
Resources for new ways of working
From Microsoft:

Microsoft has also made available a ton of resources for hybrid working. These include policies, compensation and more. Click here to access the playbook and the other resources.

Research on hybrid ways of working

Accenture conducted a mammoth study and found that post pandemic ‘a productive anywhere worker was emerging’.

83% of workers from 11 countries surveyed wanted a hybrid work culture,

Accenture study on Hybrid Work

An India specific study was conducted by ICICI Lombard and had some interesting findings, which you can read more here.

Work from home is more preferred in metropolitan cities in India (72%) much more than in smaller cities (52%)

ICICI Lombard study on work post pandemic
News on hybrid work from around the world

1. Google announces a hybrid approach. Here is an email Sundar Pichai sent to all employees in Google.

“We’ll move to a hybrid work week where most Googlers spend approximately three days in the office and two days wherever they work best”

Sundar Pichai , CEO Alphabet

2. KPMG is implementing hybrid work for all its employees in UK . Read the announcement here.

3. Employees of Fiat Chrysler will work in hybrid set up called as the ‘age of agility’. They will spend 70% time in other locations and 30% onsite/offices. Read more here.

4. Vanguard group, the world’s second-biggest asset manager plans to allow many employees to work remotely on Mondays & Fridays. With a staff of 17,300, Vanguard’s move represents a middle ground that other financial firms are seeking.

5. Microsoft announced its shift to hybrid working across the globe. They will approach it through a combination of people, processes and technology. Read Satya Nadella’s post here.

The vast majority of employees say they want more flexible remote work options, but at the same time also say they want more in-person collaboration, post-pandemic. This is the hybrid work paradox.

Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft

That is it for this edition of the OWL Sightings. Every week under the OWL Umbrella, we publish OWL Sightings on Hybrid work. Watch this space to access resources, news and research on the new ways of working.

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