Blockchain Aids COVID Relief Efforts

Blockchain aids COVID relief efforts

Never waste a good crisis they say. This advice applies well to Blockchain technology. In other words it is being leveraged far better than expected in the COVID relief efforts. Blockchain has supported the tracking of patients while ensuring their privacy. In addition it has aided in ensuring medical supplies reach the right sections. Here is a collection of the very many ways in which Blockchain aids COVID relief efforts. Will the post COVID world recognise Blockchain beyond Bitcoin?

Blockchain Sightings

Blockchain is being leveraged to solve several different challenges across the globe. However blockchain’s aid in COVID relief efforts is significant and crucial. This is because the world has not grappled with a problem so complex and had such less a response time. These Blockchain applications fighting COVID were not prototypes or mere proposals. They were deployed in the fight against the Corona Virus. Here is a first-hand account from Wuhan on how Blockchain stepped in to aid medical agencies. Also, other relief co-ordination efforts in the region.

Blockchain aids the fight for Privacy

In the fight against COVID, some states in India, made public COVID patient and tracing details. In addition, they uploaded online the patient addresses, travel history, family member details online. Above all, these details were accessible for one and all to see. For instance , these personal details were even circulating on whatsapp as PDF! Hence the need to re-look at privacy concerns. Without faulting governments, Blockchain offers a more private and secure way to manage. Read more about the Blockchain application here

Blockchain supports medical staff

Alibaba’s subsidiary Alipay, released 20 Blockchain applications in China to aid COVID relief. For instance, these applications ranged from accurately delivering supplies to pandemic victims. Monitoring the movement of medical supplies and protective equipment. Keeping patient records private and much more. Read here about the 20+ applications released in China

Blockchain helped in social distancing

Yes! Blockchain aided social distancing in two completely different ways. In Toronto it aiding by sharing the congestion at each public place. This allowed people to plan wait times better. In UAE , it helped by not needing people to go to govt offices. All govt offices use Blockchain and can authenticate 2900 types of documents virtually. This has ensured that work got done without physical presence.

And More…

Here is an interesting piece from Dan Tapscott of the Blockchain Revolution fame.

While all problems are not yet resolved, far from it. The efforts of Blockchain in this time of crisis, shows that we have an ally. As we get ready for a new future, we would do well to keep Blockchain in our plans and radar. Possibly why the Chinese Government has integrated it officially into its Technology strategy

This post and Twitter thread is not an exhaustive compilation. Therefore we invite you to share instances of where Blockchain aids the COVID relief efforts. You could add the link in the comments to help others. In addition , do share it on Twitter @Flyntrok.

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