SHRM TECH APAC Conference 2019

SHRM TECH APAC Conference 2019

Conferences are a confluence of ideas, people and products. Each of those, are triggers for a greater search. For they always spark off imagination and start off new conversations. For that reason, it is important to follow the right conference. With Twitter and other social feeds, the conversation only gets further augmented.

SHRM Tech ’19, an Asia Pacific conference with some freshly minted podium standing in the must-attend list of HR conferences was held in Hyderabad on 22nd, 23rd May 2019. One thing that the organisers defined rather well was the theme of the conference in itself: Work, Worker, workplace.

A lot was discussed on these three aspects, there is plenty of ground to cover on what gets adopted and how. This is a dynamic space and things change every moment. We sit at the cusp of possibilities, change and challenge. We need to integrate what emerges from conversations around the world. Whilst we do that here as a tweet assortment.

Tweet Assortment

The tweet assortment here is to give a sense of what emerged from SHRM Tech 19, for us. It does not claim to give a ringside view of all conversations. And for the record, our Principal, Kavi Arasu was part of the deliberations. He was invited as a member of the Blog Squad of SHRM Tech 19.

Do let us know if you have a tweet(s) to add to this curation. We look forward to hearing from you.

A quick recap on Twitter is available through these moments too

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