Working with Values Interviews Sketchnoted

In recent times I have deliberately chosen interviewing people as a way of learning more about a subject matter. The “Working with Values” interview series has put me in touch with some thought leaders in the area of values. It was not only the interview, but also the re-listening to the recording for the purpose of creating smaller edited videos with bit sized chunks of information and then writing blogs. This process helped me to absorb the concepts being discussed. The surprise edition to this process came when Kosha Bathia, illustrator, designer and creative consultant, started doing sketchnotes of each interview. Kosha’s playful and colourful style brought the ideas alive and bits that I had missed became animated in front of me. Kosha really captured the vibe of the interview.

That’s what visuals do.

Research shows

“When words and visual elements are closely entwined, we create something new and we augment our communal intelligence … visual language has the potential for increasing ‘human bandwidth’—the capacity to take in, comprehend, and more efficiently synthesize large amounts of new information.” 

Robert E. Horn, Stanford University

Here are the sketchnotes and associated interviews.

Interview with Neil Hawkes

Dr Neil Hawkes, Founder of Values Based Education and author of “From My Heart, transforming lives through values” and  “”The Inner Curriculum”, is passionate about values. Watch the Interview

Interview with Mary Gentile

Dr. Mary Gentile, is the Creator/Director of Giving Voice to Values, Professor of Practice at University of Virginia Darden School of Business and  Senior Advisor, Aspen Institute Business & Society Program. Watch the Interview

Interview with Geoff Marlow

Geoff Marlow, is the Executive Director, Aligned Agility has written extensively about values and culture. Watch the interview.

Interview with Stela Lupushore

Stela Lupushor, is the Chief Reframer at Reframe Work and author of Humanizing Human Capital and Humans at Work. Watch the interview.

Interview with Vivek Partwardhan

Vivek Patwardhan, is an experienced HR and IR professional, OD Consultant and Executive Coach. Watch the interview.

Interview with Richard Barrett

Richard Barrett, is regarded as one of the foremost thinkers on values in the world. He is the Founder of the Barret values Centre, the Barrett Academy for Advancement of Human Values and the Human Awareness Initiative. He is the author of 14 books. Watch the interview.

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