#Hybrid Work – One Day In Office For The Entire Team!


Your guide to the changing nature of work! This week we capture the news, views and research on hybrid work from across the globe. All the thinking in one easy to digest edition. This edition talks about hybrid work as a signing bonus . This week we also carry news about ad agencies adopting hybrid work and the model they are using is One day in office for the entire team. This is to ensure in person interactions are not missed. Read more

Hybrid Work OWL
Hybrid Work OWL
Points of view on hybrid working

The Resignation Wave

The resignation wave for companies is here. 20% – 40% employees are expected to make the switch this year. Various factors are leading to this wave: (1) employees have had the time to reconsider their choices, (2) they do not want to give up hybrid working. Read more here

Hybrid Work as a signing bonus

Companies on the other hand are infact offering hybrid work as joining bonus to attract candidates. Here is a report.

Resources for new ways of working

Managers and employees will need to be enabled for succeeding in Hybrid working mode. This link offers free training resources for employees and managers to manage hybrid and remote working. It includes how employees can adapt for uncertainty, enhancing productivity and more. Here are the resources to consider.

Research on hybrid ways of working

Gartner predicts that 51% knowledge workers will be remote by the end of the year. That is an increase by 17% from 2019. India and China will produce some of the largest numbers of remote workers, but their overall penetration rates will remain relatively low with 30% of workers in India being remote and 28% of workers in China working remote. Read more here.

News on hybrid work from around the world

Canada is resisting the Wall Street’s return to office call! Royal Bank of Canada has announced a hybrid work arrangement. Read more here

Now it’s the turn of ad agencies to adopt hybrid work. R/GA made the announcement this week. Their offices will become venues instead of factories. They will use their multiple offices for milestones, celebrations, reviews and more. Offices instead of being containers of work becomes a tool for work. Their model for hybrid work is one day in office for the entire team. Teams will come into work on one day and the same day, to ensure in-person connect and conversations. Read more here

AdTrak adopts one day a week , hybrid work model. Teams will choose the same day to come into office, to ensure in-person connect. They are also going to allow completely remote working too. Read more here.

TikTok asks employees to come into office three days a week. Here is the announcement.

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