Can the retail industry adopt hybrid work? And more!

Points of view on hybrid working
CSR and volunteering efforts and hybrid work

This study shows that volunteering efforts have moved to digital mode during the pandemic and 73% believe that they will want to contribute more after the pandemic. The various trends in volunteering during hybrid work to factor in are: Time, Technology, Economics, Generational trends, Time/Money shift. Read more here

Resources for new ways of working

Helping leaders embrace hybrid working models is the resource we share this week. Put together by the future forum which includes partners from across the globe. They have many principles of designing hybrid work like – team level autonomy, equitable access to opportunity, depth over breadth for team time . Read more here

Research on hybrid ways of working

We discovered a new word this week – Remotopia , though it simply means Work from home. Cognizant’s future of work has shared this research on hybrid working trends. They believe that hybrid work will save employers 11,000$ per employee and every employee can save up to 7000$ . Read more here.

News on hybrid work from around the world

Bank of England will ask its employees to come to work one day a month from September. They will embrace hybrid work after that , with employees needing to come in 2-3 days a week. Read more here.

The big debate on adoption in hybrid work is from the retail, medical and manufacturing industries. How will these industries adopt is the big question. This week Apple has announced that it is piloting a hybrid working approach for its store staff. This pilot will last for six months and employees will have no reduction in pay. Apple believes that online sales will continue to boom and its staff can handle online sales/chats while working from home.

Asda, Britain’s third biggest supermarket group has announced hybrid working for 3500 of its staff. It plans to extend it to more roles as they move forward.

Hybrid Work OWL
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