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Points of view on hybrid working
Should where you work affect what you are paid? 

That‚Äôs the debate across board rooms. Google even released a calculator for employees to calculate how their earnings would get impacted based on location! Employees in Washington Post staged a protest when management suggested the same. So they jury is still out. Here is a post which explores many point of views on this critical topic.

What about contract workers?

While most companies are announcing guidelines for employees, expectations on contract workers are unclear. Read more here.

Resources for new ways of working

Creating employee experiences in hybrid mode become critical to ensure engagement and morale. This edition we carry a one hour on-demand webinar from Gartner on creating employee experiences for a hybrid workforce. Tune in here.

Research on hybrid ways of working

What if your job was good for you?

Business in the community report 2021.

A research by BITC (Business in the community) has found that 41% of employees have experienced a health issue due to work or where work was a contributing factor last year. This report further shares case studies and actions companies can take to mitigate these. The report says hybrid is an opportunity to reimagine work and reduce these issues. Read more here.

Deloitte’s 2021 Human capital trends report

This much awaited report is out and captures many shifts. Designing work for well being is their first trend! Much like the previous research we shared. It also talks about superteams and moving beyond reskilling. Read more here.

News on hybrid work from around the world

UBS, a Swiss bank, adopts a hybrid work model ‚Äď with approvals and for all roles that can be done remotely. Read more

Capital One , a banking firm, adopts an interesting approach to hybrid : Mondays and Fridays the entire company will work remotely. Offices will be open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and employees can choose which days they come in. No restrictions or mandates. Read more.

Adobe announces a permanent shift to hybrid work for its employees. Their principles of design are:

Being Digital first,

Keeping physical spaces,

Flexibility to be default

Remote to be extended across geographies 

Adobe – Hybrid Work approach

Acara Partners, a consulting and creative agency is adopting hybrid work, using what they call a library model. Employees come into work only when they have team meetings or they are looking for a quiet place to work! Read more here

Hybrid Work OWL
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