The Fake boyfriend app??

App and technology to be leveraged to enhance us

I read about the “fake boyfriend app” with a half smile and a full heart. To each, her own, as the saying goes! The lady who, with a click of a button has her notional hero come to her rescue, is the lady of the modern day world!

OWL (Our work in Learning dispatch, this edition focusses on how to leverage technology and not think in win-lose

The world that we live in provides us opportunities to leverage technology. It has its cost. Winning and losing, are mere positions in time. And I like it when people repudiate the binary world of winning and losing, embracing rather the option to ‘co-exist’.

Take the case of Best Buy versus Amazon.  These two are standing winners in their own right. How Best Buy used Emotional Intelligence and Corporate strategy to save itself, is just one part of the story.  The CEO Hubert Joly’s comment that starts “You wont get me to say a bad word about Amazon” is another.  You may or may not find it the best buy, but sure is a new line to learn.

Speaking of learning, “10 research based insights on how learning works“, is a good read.  Some things don’t change. So what if we live in the digital era! If you are in the profession of designing learning for others, you will get some handy tips that will save you a few regrettable errors. Oh, and by the way, have you heard of the ‘Regret test‘. Behavioural science rocks, I tell you!

And then, there’s one for the road. Tesla. Partly because, let me face it, I love the car. But more because of Tesla’s dare! The sheer scale and the audacity of the ask, makes me dust my procrastination coated keyboard to action. You learn all the time.

Image credits Pixabay

And.. more thing. We need to give it away. Like the lady who designed the fake boyfriend app. She put the code out to the world.

Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?!

“I don’t want to believe. I want to know.” wrote Carl Sagan. We live in strange times. We need to learn. We need to know.

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