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go beyond obvious insights and think in first principles

I want to talk to you about two ends I have been struggling with over the last few months. At one end, there is the obvious. And at the other end, there is the “beyond obvious”. Repeatedly, the smokescreen of the obvious interferes with our understanding of the real.

The obvious is an inviting substitute to thinking. For instance, would you think being frustrated at work is helpful? Or for that matter, would you rather that the government put its money in building bridges than investing in early child and family care?

The answers seem obvious! Frustration at work is dirty word in most places of work. And talking of bridges, who doesn’t want to talk of building a few and opening many? But beyond the obvious, gems of truth and insight reside.

OWL fortnightly dispatch focusses on going beyond obvious insights

The obvious can be a great place to start but to accept the obvious as the finish line can be catastrophic. It works that way for the government or for that matter, with our personal lives too.

On that note, Adam Grant features here yet again. This time, arguing that frustration in an employee can be very useful, with a lovely piece I was riveted to. (I didn’t know the background story of The Incredibles). I was reminded of  an extremely successful organisation that seeks out ‘failed entrepreneurs’  as potential employees. I invite you to give this a careful read and ponder over it with care.

Then, there is Oyo’s story. Oyo now is in 280 cities in China within a year of opening there. I went open mouthed in awe! There are a heap of lessons entwined in its trajectory.

Staying on the train of the obvious and the ‘beyond obvious’, may I invite you to supplement that learning with two research lead pieces. One that makes a persuasive case for investing in early childhood over bridges. Another that dives into three ‘knowns’ in learning and applying them well. I devoured them with a relish.

To round it up, I share a piece I wrote on my hiatus. I was mighty surprised with the response. That it resonated with so many people, tells a story in itself.

That’s that for this fortnight. Before I close, here is a tip that you may want to consider. Please eke out some time to go beyond the headlines of the pieces I share. Incredible value lies in the links that are embedded in them. Try!

It maybe a mad world out there. That’s obvious. Staying foolish and exploring has the power to take us beyond the narrow confines of the obvious 🙂

Good luck!

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