A peek into habits of champions and cool jobs of 2029. Are you ready for it?

Focus and determination is the key quality of champions

There are champions. And then there is the champion of champions. Micheal Phelps! The man won 23 Olympic Gold Medals in his swimming career. The world revels in such superhuman achievements and often aspires to replicate these. Until it reckons with what it takes to get there! Micheal Phelps was in Mumbai two weeks ago and I soaked into every word he spoke. I have a blog post as proof.

There were several things that stood out. One of which was his focus and determination.I confess.That is tough in a world that runs on notifications where you often cede your attention in the hope of staying relevant

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Have you ever considered how much more productive you could be, if only you were more focused? At the end of the Phelps show, that was the thought that occupied my mind. And when NYT carried a piece on the same, it sat perfectly. I had to share it here.  

The other story that needs to be read alongside focus is that of longevity. Focus is fine. But for how long? How does one do that in a corporate career? Executive coach Michael Melcher’s insights on long term success and fulfilment are simple and useful.This will come in handy. I have seen it in action.

In the same genre of simple and useful, I found a cool piece:A decision-making matrix. Leaders often search for a way to decide on what to give away and how. This has been a hit with a couple of senior leaders I am working with. Give this a look. 

And finally, I chanced on a report titled “21 New Jobs of the future. A guide to getting and staying employed“. There are interesting jobs coming up people. Data Trash Engineer. Head of Business Behaviour. Cyber Calamity Forecaster. All woven as a Job Description of sorts. Very interesting read, I must say!

The future comes one day at a time. And if we don’t work on our future or stay focused, one fine morning it will occupy our living rooms. Having entered, without knocking the door. 

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