To the future in 2019

To the Future 2019

So, a brand new year is upon us. Let’s get on with it. That’s the mood that fills me today.The operative word for me this year is PLAY. I wrote about that earlier today and was quite taken by how many people it resonated with. 

At our very core, we all love ‘Play’. It symbolizes energy, fun, and a pressure-free state of flow. That’s the spirit which resides in us and we need to dust up years of success and conditioning. When we look into the future and look back at the present, the present can look different. 

Consider this. In 1984,  Issac Asimov, the prolific science fiction writer, was asked to imagine what life would be in 2019. 25 years from 1984. He wrote an interesting piece. But it’s interesting to read it now. In 2019. Go, give it a read

There are two delectable lists from the New York Times that were fascinating reads.The first one I recommend is titled “7 ways to age well in 2019“. Given the inevitability that we all will indeed age, might as well consider ideas on how to do it well. The other list is something more earthy: “How to Make tech work for you in 2019“, which has all kinds of simple things you could consider. 

And here is an infographic that came my way on Twitter on New Year Resolutions! Pointers to living powerfully in the new world. What do you think? 🙂 

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