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We are a fortnight into December.  Many people I know are kind of ‘slowing things down’ and looking forward to take a break. To wind down the year well is important. To reflect on the year gone by, gives power to the year that begins.

We need all our firepower to plough through the years ahead. Don’t we? To peer into the future is always fun.  How will the future be? How will work evolve? 

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Esko Kilpi’s piece on work as being central to democratic change is an important read. I recommend that you take the time to soak it in and talk to someone about it. It has some gems in it. One of them that I particularly liked is this one : “Firms are social and legal constructs. They are what we think firms are. We created them and we can recreate them. It is time to renew our old construct of the firm as a newer version, a creativity- and interaction-based view of the firm.”

The idea of the firm is shifting. And how.  But the power of culture that can grow or wreck a firm has always remained. Over the years, I have been witness to people trade money for ‘culture’ when they chose one organisation over another. I have done it myself as well. But to read and appreciate ‘company culture’ as a ‘perk’ brought a smile on me. That piece is a super read.

Along with a piece on handling criticism well, there is a piece on Blockchain.  I read Catherine Shinners write on “The Blockchain in Government” event she had attended. She writes ” event was targeted to begin wider conversations around the opportunities for the blockchain model to make a difference in the work and services of governments and social impact organizations”.  Will give you a perspective for sure.

Coming back to the central questions of the change over. How was the year that went by and what lies in store ahead? My colleagues at Founding Fuel listed both the best of 2018 and the big questions for 2019. I thought they make a swell list.

By the way, the Indian cricket team beat Australia yesterday. The first time in ten years. But what always catches my eye are teams with a fight in them. No giving up. No passive watching of receding chances and last over. That to me has been the essence of the human spirit. Perhaps, that’s the spirit we need to bring in to the last days of 2018 too.

Thanks for all the love.

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