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MeToo movements how will we cope

The rate at which some skeletons have been tumbling out of the #MeToo cupboards have caused me to wonder how strong the cupboards have been. The intensity of the outpouring, a friend told me, is only a fraction of what festers beneath the surface. She was emphatic and I effortlessly nodded away in agreement. We agreed on it being a manifestation of power and greed.  The ‘money is success’ lifestyle has destroyed souls.

Long after the coffees disappeared from our cups, our conversation meandered. From what she had faced to what I had seen. From the names that are outed to the names that remain. Finally saying bye with our views of the future and how we should prepare our kids for it all!

OWL Despatch focusses on the #MeToo movement and how we will cope

It is that thought that has stayed with me all through. How are we going to prepare our kids for the future. A future that will have the scars of the past show up as bristling reminders of survival. We need to talk more about this. And of course, we need to something about this. Pardon me, but my mind is a trifle muddled.

This edition has a piece that talks about how ‘dads with daughters’ view the gender pay divide. Well, I completely agree from first-hand experience.  Some months ago, I looked back at all progressive business leaders who I had worked with. Strong men who batted for providing a safe and even playing ground for women. There was one thing that stood out. They all had daughters! Back then I had dismissed it as just a happy coincidence masquerading as evidence. The piece that’s there in the newsletter got me thinking. Let me know what you think.

In other articles this fortnight, there is one on What to tell our kids to prepare them for the future. Much needed, won’t you agree? There is another on best ways to remember what you read. Plus of course, on Blockchain. Some poking around on how the word “Blockchain” emerged.

By the way, did you know that the week beginning 15th October is The International Facilitation Week. There is a ton of conversation out there on what you could do.

Giddy-Up people. We have work to do.

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