Can plenty be a problem?

I have a problem. A problem of a different kind. A problem of plenty. Allow me to explain. For the last couple of weeks, I have been absorbing the sights, sounds, tastes and smells of America. From the bustle of the Bay Area to the sweltering heat of Texas and of course the urban landscapes of windy Chicago. I have had amazing conversations, wonderful connections and have been guided to truckloads of reading material. So much so, I am having a tough time choosing the five pieces to share here. Plenty is a problem of a different kind. From deep within the borders of America, I can state that with clarity.


The annual conference of the Society for Human Resource Management took me to Chicago. There were over 17000 people queuing up to attend 200 + sessions with over 400 marketing folks vying for their attention too. But few of them held the attention of participants like Adam Grant did!

Adam Grant made a compelling case for moving on from ‘culture fit to culture contribution’. And more importantly, to move on from the comfort of the ‘agreeable’ and seek out the ‘disagreeable’ employees! My own reams of notes from various conversations require reflection and chewing. For now, this edition has a piece that is a super summary of Adam Grant’s views.

“How to keep productivity from killing your creativity” is a must read for anyone who feels choked by the daily humdrum of work. And if you are into it, do not miss the five reference pieces at the end of the article.

Ray Dalio started investing when he was 12! And has gone on to become one the most successful hedge fund managers of the world.  If you have 30 minutes with you, he offers his Principles for you to consider.

Talking of success as a 12-year-old, are you a parent who has stern ideas on how much screen time kids must be allowed? One headline caught my eye and a fine read of the piece had other pointers. I think you will find it useful.

And finally, Blockchain.  I am having a series of conversations and collaboration on Blockchain to publish a ‘Blockchain Basics‘ series.  In a quest to build understanding.  Both my own and everybody else’s. This edition carries the first in the series. How does it read?

I have a busy next couple of weeks ahead in the US. Am going to be glued to any responses that I receive from you. Plus of course, find some quiet time to reflect and publish on schedule.  Thank you for all the love and good wishes as feedback for the previous editions. Do consider spreading the word. It provides new energy to this labour of love! 🙂 

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