Are you a Leader?

Leaders are those who support the emotional journey of an idea

In my conversations with leaders who are making a difference, one thing stands out. Their work, is an emotional journey. It is almost always the case even though some of them make it appear easy and effortless. Often times, misleadingly so. Sit with them, talk to them and peel the onion and the underlying emotions emerge. John Sadington, put out this infographic that captures it well. 

The journey of an idea and leadership
Leadership and the journey to manage change

To believe in an idea and to stick with it, requires a recognition and acceptance of the emotional turbulence within. Doing so frees up leaders as they seek to go about bringing change. You see, change is not easy. For change means parting ways with the established and saying hello to the new! Emotions are an obvious outcome. 

Speaking of change and leadership, this edition has a lovely array. One such is a collection of eight charts to explain ‘What makes a leader‘.Lucid and thought provoking. Whichever business you are in, whatever you do, this will get you eight frames to examine yourself.

On the same lines,Thinkers 50 has listed five ideas that will shape the way we work and think about management. An interesting bunch of ideas that will get you started on a thinking journey in two and half minutes. Important clues lie in there for anyone thinking work and future. 

Ranging from “13 things you need to give up if you want to be successful” to the three simple things that Google does to facilitate its employees learn this edition has been fun putting together. 

For returning readers, thank you for continuing to read and cheering on. For first time readers, thanks for signing up. I hope you find this edition of value. If you do, drop in a line when you have a minute. No, not to me. Drop in a line to someone you know who you think will find this of value too!

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I write this with constant commentary about the Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un meeting in Singapore, occupying my bandwidth. Who would have imagined either party or the meeting? Change is constantly knocking on the horizon and shaping our worlds. How we adapt to it and change,will shape our futures.

Speaking of Kim Jong Un and Trump, did you know that there is an effort underway to document the whole thing on Blockchain? Change, I tell you!

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